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This area of the website is designed for further exploration of the histories, context, and background that informed the project.

About the Making Process

Listening Across Difference: Feminist Conversation, Sisterhood, and the ‘70s (Senses of Cinema Issue 98, May 2021) is an essay about methods, process, influences, and reflections on feminist filmmaking and is intended to be a companion piece of writing for teaching the film in the classroom.


About the Letters to Ms.

Although Ms. only had space in its pages to publish a small fraction of the overwhelming volume of letters sent by its readers, every letter was read and carefully preserved. Recognizing the future historical importance of the collective conversation contained across these letters, thousands of letters were donated to the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe in 1981, and subsequent donations of letters were archived at the Schlesinger as well. Other materials related to Ms. are preserved in the Sophia Smith archive at Smith College.  YOURS IN SISTERHOOD is based on one of several manuscript collections, “Letters to Ms. 1972-80” at the Schlesinger Library—a collection that is open to the public for research and exploration.

Finding Aid, “Letters to Ms. 1972-1980” Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America
Letters to Ms., 1972-1987, a volume of previously-unpublished letters to the editor (1987)
Introduction to Letters to Ms. published volume by Gloria Steinem (1987)
“The Ms. Letters Collection—a New Forum for a Lost Art” introduction to Letters to Ms. by Mary Thom (1987)
LA Times review of Letters to Ms. volume (1987)